Hours: Fri & Sat, 11-4:30, Sun: 11-4

Hours: Fri & Sat: 11-4:30, Sun: 11-4


Welcome! We’re Chris and Lauren and we share a deep love for rustic New England and the warmth it brings to your soul. We love creating and hunting for unique pieces that are treasured for a lifetime. From reclaimed wood to young kiln dried live edge, we are passionate about hand selecting each piece to make sure it is high quality and full of amazing character.

You will find a mix of traditional farmhouse rustic and rustic with a modern twist. We love working with epoxy resin and fractal wood burning to create beautiful live edge woodwork. At the same time, we love hunting for reclaimed treasures and using it to create unique pieces. I guess you can say we are a mix of old and new with a passion to create!

When we met, we soon realized our shared love for working with our hands and hunting for treasures. Date nights consisted of collecting barnwood from a local collapsed barn, visits to local antiques shops, random pop ins at the hardware store (because one more can of chalk paint can’t hurt, right?) and lots of awkward conversations like “wait, you casually stick your nose in wooden bowls so you can smell the wood too?” Like two peas in a pod. Well, more like, two peas day-dreaming they could spend every day together in their pod (workshop) but knowing the reality of responsibility and adulting. Speaking of responsibility, we have four beautiful children who have been a big part of this journey.

Both with full time jobs, we slowly transitioned our garage into a workshop and purchased a CNC machine to do custom signs and cheeseboards for family and friends. Oh wait, we’re forgetting the shed. First the shed, then the garage! And then, the storm of 2020 came (both the August thunderstorm and well, the Corona storm) and decided to eat our car for breakfast, suck the power right out of our workshop (the power line came down and wasn’t going to be put back up for awhile!) and to top it off, both lose our big boy and big girl jobs.

And so, taking a deep breath in the midst of 2020, we took the plunge and signed a lease on an amazing space in the beautiful Collins Axe Factory. We spent the remainder of the year renovating our space to create a workshop, showroom and virtual space to deliver our hand-crafted creations to you!

We feel so much gratitude for the path we are on and we truly appreciate your love and support. If you know us, you know our love for people and connection. And so, working with you to find the perfect gift for yourself or someone special is what inspires us daily.

Our Workshop

The first ready-to-use axes produced in the US came from this building beginning in the early 1800s. Prior to that, people either purchased unground axes imported from Europe or went to their local blacksmith who sometimes made axe heads.

We are in the workshop where they made machetes. During the 1840s they expanded abroad with the machete and supplied 80 percent of the world’s supply of machetes from this very room.

So much amazing energy felt in our workshop – the perfect place to be creative and feel inspired.

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